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The Art & Science of Design with Nature

Coastal Gardens Landscape Services, Inc. (CGLS) is a full service landscape company. We believe in the team approach. Our team of landscape specialists provides a blend of personal service with the art and science of landscape architecture, landscape installation and landscape management. The design/build approach offers many advantages.

Quality Control

The relationship between designer and builder is well coordinated, allowing a smooth transition from the two-dimensional plan to three-dimensional reality.

Cost Efficiency/Effectiveness

One individual is responsible for an entire project, closely monitoring time schedules to meet deadlines. Our design/build expertise assures practical results and eliminates last-minute surprises.

Landscape design magazine articleCost Control

Individual services combine into one system in the design/build network, and budgets are easily determined during any stage of project development.

With the use of good design and proper materials the Coastal Gardens team provides outdoor landscapes that are not static, but change with the seasons.


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